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Pegasus Wings Awards

Since 2015, our Wings Award recognizes outstanding individuals and programs that have made a significant difference for Marine Animal Rescue and Protection, Wildlife and Habitat Protection, and Animal Welfare.

Those we have honored in recent years include:

Dr. Jane Goodall, English primatologist and anthropologist, is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees.

Dr Jane GoodallDr Jane Goodall

Peter Knights, CEO of WildAid, an acknowledged leader in international conservation and protection of our most imperiled endangered species. Their campaigns have led to a 50-70% decline in China of shark fin consumption, 81% decline in imports, a ban of ivory sales and 70% decline in the price of ivory, and over 60% decline in the price of rhino horn in China and Vietnam.

Patrick McDonnell, Cartoonist of the MUTTS comic strip, who is a passionate and creative advocate for wildlife and habitat protection.

Don Baur, Senior Partner, Perkins, Cole LLP is former General Counsel of the Marine Mammal Commission and represents pro-bono such organizations as The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound and the Coalition to Establish Release Protocols for Captive Orcas.

Wendy Benchley is a renowned global voice for protecting sharks and safeguarding our seas. She established the Benchley Awards as a tribute to her late husband Peter Benchley and other champions of beleaguered marine species.

Sharon Young, Marine Issues Field Director, Humane Society of the United States, is a national authority on marine animal protection and conservation, and selfless volunteer rehabilitating wildlife on Cape Cod.

Other past honorees include Dr. Denise Herzig of The Wild Dolphin Project; Dr. Andrew Rowan, President and CEO and President of Wellbeing International; Diana Webster, President of Native America Humane Society; David Aronberg, Florida State Attorney, 15th District; Florida Representative Patrick Murphy, and Azzedine Downes, CEO of International Foundation for Animal Welfare (IFAW).