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The Pegasus Foundation

Mission Statement

The Pegasus Foundation aids in rescuing and rehabilitating domestic and wild animals, awards grants to animal welfare initiatives, and supports vibrant and healthy ecosystems through strategic partnerships and sound environmental policies.

About Pegasus Foundation

Barbara Birdsey“Our work is to continually develop a vision for entire ecosystems. The connections between wilderness and human-centered landscapes are as real as the air, water, soil and climate we all share. The next ten years are critical for many species and the quality of life we will pass onto future generations.”
-- Barbara Birdsey, Founder and President
Our Mission Areas

Marine Animal Rescue
and Protection

a green sea turtle returning to the surface for air 

Pegasus Foundation has partnered with established and trusted partners such as IFAW, The Center for Coastal Studies, and others to protect and rehabilitate whales, dolphins and other marine mammals that are threatened.

Wildlife and Habitat


We are finding solutions to end the horrific slaughter of elephants, rhinos and other wildlife in Africa and Asia. We also are working with partners in North America to protect animal habitat and range.



Our animal companions need help, protection, and loving care.  Pegasus Foundation supports a number of organizations which give a multitude of dogs, cats, horses and other animals a second chance.


Outreach & Advocacy

Campaign to Ban Donkey Hide Products


Join us in our advocacy campaign to urge the end of the mass slaughter of between 8 and 10 million donkeys each year to meet the worldwide demand for "Ejiao".

Ban Donkey Hide Products

Protect Mute Swans

mute swans 

Mute swans are threatened in New York by a state-wide program to eliminate the breed.  The Pegasus Foundation is acting to assist in protecting these beautiful animals.

Protect Mute Swans

Everglades Animal Coalition

Smokey's Campaign
Cats Abandoned in the Everglades need help!

Smokey's Campaign 

Thousands of cats are dumped in the dangerous Everglades region, and suffer disease, starvation, and deadly predators. Instead of finding humane solutions, authorities capture and euthanize these poor animals.

Smokey's Campaign

Pegasus Spay/Neuter Initiative for Everglades Region

Joint Animal Transport-For-Adoption Project 

The Pegasus Foundation is dedicated to finding solutions to the severe animal welfare crisis in the Everglades region of south Florida where every year hundreds of dogs and cats are dumped.

Spay/Neuter Initiative

Joint Animal
Transport-For-Adoption Project

Joint Animal Transport-For-Adoption Project 

The Pegasus Foundation has joined with Cold Noses Foundation and Pet’s Broward to form the Everglades Animals Coalition whose purpose is to rescue animals from the Everglades and Redlands area of Miami.