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2022 03 25 Ukraine refugee with dog HSI 3x 1200x800Ukraine refugee with dog photo: HSI

All around the world, people are standing with Ukrainians in condemnation of Putin’s bloody ruthless unprovoked invasion of a multi-ethnic democratic country.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked the country, nearly 3 million people have fled Ukraine as its cities have come under severe attack, leaving them in ruins.  The death toll and atrocities occurring in Ukraine are unfathomable, not just for millions of Ukrainians but also for thousands of animals left behind.


How You Can Help Ukraine’s Animals!

The Pegasus Foundation is encouraging people to please DONATE to Greater Good and IFAW to help thousands of animals in Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugee with cat  photo: Greater GoodUkrainian refugee with cat photo: Greater Good

Greater Good Charities


"As the situation continues to evolve, Greater Good Charities is in contact with humanitarian and animal welfare partners on the ground responding to the immediate needs of the people and pets of Ukraine.

"We're providing funding to help distribute nourishing meals at border crossings for refugees fleeing Ukraine and at shelters and camps for those who remain in the country.

"Greater Good Charities’ funding is also helping to support people and pet evacuations from Chernihiv and northern Kyiv regions, food, and other supplies for residents not evacuating, and additional sheltering for pets outside the region until they can be reunited with their families. We're in the process of activating our pet foster software for rescue groups to help provide temporary homes for displaced pets.

"Greater Good Charities is deploying a team into the region to assess the situation on the ground and set up a warehouse to stage and distribute humanitarian and pet supplies and food, including our Good Packs. We will be distributing directly to refugees in neighboring countries and working with partners who are transferring product into Western Ukraine."


Animal Shelter destroyed in Berdyansk, Ukreaine  photo: IFAWAnimal Shelter destroyed in Berdyansk, Ukreaine photo: IFAW

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)


"Since the conflict started IFAW’s emergency response team has met with organizations and authorities in Poland working on the frontlines of the crisis. Staff and volunteers we have met are tired, anxious and very emotional about the situation facing Ukraine citizens and animals. There are still so many needs, for people and animals.

"In Warsaw, IFAW’s team met with Polish veterinary authorities to discuss how they are processing refugees and their pets from Ukraine. There is estimated to be around 80,000 refugees coming into Poland on a daily basis, many are bringing their pets with them. Polish veterinary teams are processing 500 to 600 animals per day, and have vaccinated and micro chipped over 12,000 animals since the war began. Some families hide their pets for fear they will be confiscated, so clear communication at the border crossing points is crucial."

To DONATE go to:

video by IFAW

Remembering the Sacrifice of Anastasiia Yalanskaya

As Russian troops closed in on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, Anastasiia Yalanskaya insisted she would stay, even while her friends and family fled around her.

2022 03 25 Anastasiia Yalanskaya 900xThe 26-year-old Ukrainian woman had just delivered food to a dog shelter housing 300 dogs in Bucha, 30 kilometers outside Kyiv,  when she was shot and killed alongside two men she had been volunteering with. Yalanskaya’s friends and family say her car was deliberately targeted at close-range by Russian troops. Friends do not know why she was targeted, but believe Russian troops are increasingly killing civilians at random as a way to scare the population into submission.

The Pegasus Foundation mourns the death of Anastasiia as well as thousands of innocent people killed in this horrific war.  Anastasiia’s life was dedicated to helping the many defenseless people and animals in Ukraine even in her final moments. Anastasiia selflessly gave her life to help hundreds of abandoned dogs in a country violently under attack by Russia.

RIP beautiful Anastasiia: May you find your place amongst the golden winged angels in an eternal world of warmth, peace and light where animals and people know only kindness and can feel the eternal kisses of raindrops on their faces.