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Wildlife Killing Contests

Join us in supporting our initiatives to combat wildlife destruction and animal cruelty. Your support is critical, and here is how you can take action.

Billed as “just thrilling”, gruesome and unregulated “Predator Killing Contests” of “varmints” which include coyotes, foxes, bobcats and wolves, are still allowed in many states. As a member of the National Coalition to Ban Wildlife Killing Contests, The Pegasus Foundation promotes the work of HSUS and Project Coyote in pressuring for change. Seven states now prohibit these grizzly contests. While these are significant victories, much more work lies ahead.

What you can do to ban killing contests

  1. Contact Sign their petition to state wildlife management agencies, download their toolkit, or contact your HSUS state director to end wildlife killing contests once and for all.
  2. Share on social media “Campaign to BAN these Wildlife Killing Contests” and Undercover footage!

Undercover video takes viewers into grisly world of wildlife killing contests


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